January 23, 2020

Secure your Apartment or Home starting at 4€ per month

Shield Brokers Sh.a is an insurance brokerage company licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo in 2014. Behind us is a professional and certified management and staff as well as more than ten years of experience in the field of insurance and risk management.
Shield Brokers, in the capacity of insurance broker, through cooperation with insurance companies will present offers from more than one insurance company for all types of insurance, guaranteeing access to the entire market to discover the best offer. good!
The insurance broker, through his knowledge, offers the following services without financial burden:
Do the risk assessment
Proposes the coverage the client needs
Requires the best offers on the market for the client
Presents and clarifies the offers and conditions of the insurance policy
It brings all the documentation to the client avoiding the movements to the insurance company
Supports and instructs the client regarding the realization of the claim for damages
Shield Brokers has proven itself to be the market leader, mediating in 2017 alone over 1’000 insurance policies with a total value of over 1’000’000 Euros.
To prove its seriousness and professionalism, Shield Brokers operates with international terms and standards, being representatives of GrECo JLT and Renomia Europeans Partners.
One of the most important decisions in your life is investing in your home or apartment, they are your refuge where you want to stay without any worries!
So don’t let any unexpected events damage your property you’ve worked for!
To maintain your investment, Shield Brokers will help you select the best offer for your property by defining the necessary coverage and presenting you with the best offers on the market!
By providing the house / apartment you can have coverage from the following natural damages:
Fire, lightning, explosion and plane crash
Water flow from water supply, sewerage installations and from heating equipment and pipes
Hit by motor vehicle
Relocation / relocation costs
Snow and soil slides
Glass breakage
Theft with burglary and robbery
Water leak from the aquarium
Snow weight
atmospheric waters
Hit by knocking down trees
Vandalism, manifestations and demonstrations
Emergency expenses
Public responsibility
Home / apartment insurance is a very important insurance on which very low annual fees apply.
Find below the annual price plan for your home / apartment insurance
So, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you solve the most suitable covers for your property and very quickly we will bring you the best offers on the market!