January 23, 2020

Insurance of goods in transport

Since the 14th century it has been understood the importance of securing goods during transport from various hazards, and as a result the first insurance policy has been signed.
The provision of goods during transport provides coverage for possible damages as a result of fire, accident, discharge, earthquake and many other potential causes for your goods during transport to and from all over the world.
In exchange for a relatively small premium, this insurance enables you to receive compensation for the financial loss caused by various disasters that hit your merchandise.
In 2017 alone, Kosovo companies exported goods worth 378 million euros and imported 3.47 billion euros, which made us realize that 3,425 billion euros was the value of the goods that was exposed to various risks and it is understood that the damage eventual would have devastating effects on the business economy causing damage perhaps even irreparable.
Shield Brokers through its knowledge and experience, will assist you in choosing the optimal insurance policy, advising you on insurance values, coverage, fees and conditions and will assist you in case of damage.
For more information contact us by email: info@shieldbrokers.com, phone number: 049909200 or address Rr.Rexhep Luci, H.52, Floor II, No.5 – Prishtina.