January 23, 2020

Broker, the best insurer!

Have you decided to make sure? You should know that you have made the best choice to protect your future from the risks that financial burdens bring to you, your family or your business!
You can buy insurance policies by contacting insurance companies or insurance company agents, but, you don’t know if the coverages and premiums offered are the best for you, after all these are committed to protecting the company’s interest.
You can buy insurance policies online, but that means you are only consulting with yourself on a rather complex and very important issue for you!
Or you can buy insurance policies based on the professional advice of a company that cooperates with most insurance companies, which offers you for free:
Counseling for understanding your needs;
Analyze and assess your risk of being exactly covered;
Panorama on the offers of the whole market to find the most economically advantageous offer;
Comparison and analysis of offers to be sure that your purchase is the most favorable;
Service for all insurance issues that guarantees you convenience and time savings;
Insurance contract management to ensure successful progress;
Assistance in case of damage 24/7;
Legal liability for errors and omissions that may harm you;
He is a broker, and when it comes to insurance brokers the best choice is ShieldBrokers, a company which in 2017 alone mediated over 1,000 premium insurance policies worth over 1 million euros for a total risk managed over 500 million euros representing the interests of the largest companies in the Kosovo market.
ShieldBrokers is a member of the world’s largest insurance brokerage networks such as RenomiaEuropeanPartners, GrECo and Aesis, guaranteeing its customers services in accordance with international standards for all types of insurance (Property, Health, Responsibilities). , Guarantees, Casco, etc ..).
Selection is no longer a dilemma!
ShieldBrokers, the best insurer is your insurance broker!