January 23, 2020

A winning bet

So have you worked long hours to invest in buying your dream home in which you will live with your family? Or have you invested in starting a business that is shining in the market? Or did you buy your ideal car?
Sure, you foresaw all the risks that could damage your family’s investment or not?
Life is unpredictable and brings with it various risks in perhaps no more favorable situations which in turn forces us to re-verify our finances and our plans.
Do not play with luck, but win the bet, by equipping yourself with the insurance policy for various risks which in case of any accident allows you to compensate the financial damages!
Fire, flood, earthquake, theft, storm, hail are just some of the dangers that can hit our property, and from these we can cover the damage caused to our vehicle by providing insurance as well as to our property by providing property!
Diseases are disasters that burden the head of the family with a sometimes very big financial burden, which in some cases is unbearable and endangers the life of the patient, do not let this happen, because with cheaper than one coffee a day you can find a partner who will offset the costs of treating the sick through health insurance!
Insurance is diverse and many of them are still unknown to our market businesses, who may be covered for errors and omissions they make while working with liability insurance, or be compensated for goods damaged during transport by insuring the goods in transport, and of course the facility, goods and machinery to be insured by means of property insurance.
But what if an employee is injured while working? Personal accident insurance enables compensation for medical expenses, disability and death and can be incorporated within the framework of health insurance for workers who welcome this opportunity offered by the company!
The Kosovo market also offers many other types of insurance which are very useful for individuals, families and businesses such as: Obtaining the facility during construction and installation, Life insurance, Liability insurance, MTPL + insurance, Guarantee insurance, Insurance of cash at the safe and during transportation, travel health insurance.
You can find all types of insurance at Shield Brokers!
Are we bound not to be harmed? Now I’m insured, and I won the bet!