Subrogation, limit, sub-insurance, aggregate, for events, franchises, special conditions, reservation, coverage, etc … These are just some of the many technical terms used in the insurance dictionary, this proves even more the complexity of the field and the need for the exact meaning of the insurance policy.
The insurance broker will advise you on your insurance needs by assessing the factors that pose a risk to your insurable interest and removing unnecessary ones for you.

Experience has shown that often the insured does not have enough information to contract the most suitable insurance, while insurance companies always seek to contract insurance in the most favorable way for them, taking advantage of the lack of information of the insured. This has led to many cases where insurers have been “betrayed” by insurers even though they have enforced the contract.

The broker fills the gap by providing the client with all the necessary information by which he coordinates the technical terms of the insurance contract with the client, recommending it for all the necessary coverage and limits, so that the client buys only what he really needs. and there should be no “inflating” of the insurance policy with unnecessary coverage.

The broker will harmonize your request, so that the offers he will receive will be technically “imposed” by the client and not dictated by the insurer.

Risk Analysis

Questionnaires, inspections, photographs, descriptions, lists of goods, etc … are elements that relied on the first principle of insurance “full trust”, in the absence or distortion of this information can only harm the insured, so it is an extremely process Important.

The broker will take care of all the procedures for the purpose of “taking out insurance” by informing you of all the information he needs as well as the consequences of not being informed or deviating from the information.

In this process, the Broker will also take care to accurately determine the insurable interest by assessing the insurance values, and will inform you about the protective or preventive measures that can be applied to avoid disaster and consequently benefit prim (price). more affordable.

Bid procurement

After harmonizing the insurance claim and assessing the risk, the Broker will generate a bid / invitation request for all insurance companies.
The request will include all the specifics allocated to the client, thus the technical conditions of the offer are determined by the client and the broker while the insurer remains to review the client’s file and determine the insurance premium.

By the deadline set for bidding, the Broker is continuously visiting insurance companies negotiating with them in search of the most favorable premium.

After accepting offers from insurance companies, the Broker prepares the bid analysis, and that analysis will include the following items:
Analytical analysis of bidding insurance companies, in this way the client becomes clear about the performance of the insurers.

Evaluation from the broker’s experience of bidding insurance companies
Comparing the offers, including the technical and financial part, in this way the customer understands quickly and correctly which is the best offer as the offer is built according to his request granted by the broker and consequently facilitates the analysis of the “cost-benefit” of bid.

The broker’s recommendation, in support of the selection of the final broker’s offer, made the recommendation for the best offer based on 3 factors which are: coverage, insurance premium and the profile of the insurance company.

Contract Management

Changes, communications, clarifications, contract tracking, renovations, logistical issues, etc … make you need the commitment of a person within your company to manage your insurance contract, this creates monetary but also time costs!

The insurance broker will be committed to all matters involving the management of your contract, at no cost, will become the “insurance official” within your company, and it will not cost you anything!

It will guide you through all the changes of your insurance coverage or your insured interest, I will explain to you whenever you need your contract, I will follow the progress of the contract, I will address your concerns and ambiguities to the insurance company, I will to engage in all logistical issues involving the relocation from one place to another, even for the acceptance / submission of documentation, etc ..
Therefore, with the commitment of the broker you have saved time, money and gained comfort and “peace of mind”

Business people negotiating a contract. Human hands working with documents at desk and signing contract.

Assistance in case of damage

The claim for damages, the deadline for submission, the necessary documentation, the damage department, the deadline for reimbursement, etc … make the realization of the claim for damages in case of damage not only a formality but something complex that also requires expertise.

The insurance broker will be at your disposal, the first contact at the time of the event which will guide you on the steps to be taken in case of damage, then will engage in gathering the necessary information to complete the claim for damages. as well as will open the case in the insurance company, leaving you in the comfort of a moment that can be shocking.

Broker’s commitment to assisting in case of damage also includes monitoring the compensation process, where the broker stays in constant contact with the insurer to provide the necessary information for the proper handling of the claim, to verify compliance with the deadlines for compensation and determination. accurate value for compensation.
In case the insurer refuses the request, the Broker, with the knowledge about the insurance contracts will make the appropriate complaints if necessary until the realization of the compensation for the client he represents.