Eurosig sh.a. Founded as an Insurance Company in the Non-Life activity since 2000, initially under the name Dardania and starting from December 2015, it enters the market under the new name Eurosig sh.a., entirely with Albanian capital and shareholders.
The activity of the company is regulated on the basis of and in implementation of the applicable laws in Kosovo and other normative acts issued in their implementation, as well as is supervised by the Central Bank of Kosovo, Department for Insurance Supervision.

Eurosig sh.a., as a consolidated company in the insurance market, is located throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, with 8 branches and over 62 representative offices. The expansion of the sales network, the positioning in the insurance market with a significant and relatively rapid growth, has come as a result of continuous work and its qualified staff.

Eurosig sh.a. is now classified as the company with the highest growth rate in the insurance market in Kosovo but also in Albania.
Eurosig offers appropriate insurance solutions that are developed in a changing world and for this purpose has available skilled and professional, dynamic and genuine competent personnel. They are attentive to your needs, know what is the best product for you, and will offer you the best advice and opportunities. With Eurosig you can provide the vehicle, apartment or house, health, public and professional liability, and many other insurances. Today, thanks to an integrated supply strategy and a unique and innovative model, you will be in safe hands which means: reliability, security are the cornerstones of Eurosig’s philosophy.

COMPANY MISSION Eurosig, always with a clear profile, offers services according to European standards, consolidating its position and guaranteeing a name and reputation to regional partners, Europeans and beyond. We will continue to work to strengthen our identity, always providing the most accurate services, to create a more consolidated image in the insurance market, on the basis of a sustainable business and customer-oriented business. Eurosig sh.a., in the insurance market, with a qualified staff with long experience and work experience, will continue to provide a full financial guarantee against any risk, of any kind.
We are always committed to making Eurosig as attractive as possible in the insurance market, by increasing the quality and guaranteeing a fast, efficient and professional service to customers, offering competitive prices in its network distributed throughout the country. Our service will exceed customer requirements. This will be achieved through strategic planning, aiming at sustainable growth of the company, flexible structure, increasing image in public, being as close as possible to people in difficult situations, for maximum reimbursement of damages that may be caused to them.

Appreciating the professional capacities of our employees as an advantage to build competitive ways, relying on the income and financial resources that this company has, in the maximum commitment of each individual, of the spirit of innovation and their excellence, through the performance of The new investments aim to modernize the entire activity of the company and computerize its system according to modern standards, creating the necessary facilities for communication with our customers to be close in time and the fastest possible way.

COMPANY VISION A national body, with European standards, that produces excellent results, in accordance with the requirements of stakeholders. It is a serious company in customer relations, welcomes any request made by them and stays close to you until the complete solution of the problems. In the focus of all the work and activities performed by the company, the primary service has been and remains the customer service, a service which is performed by a qualified staff with a clear vision at work. We are always in front of customers, which we prove and argue with our work.

Company profile

Insurance Company “ILLYRIA” sh.a. is part of the Sava Re group, based in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia, the most professional group for insurance and reinsurance in the region, which is also known as one of the most successful companies in Europe.

Ready to provide support in meeting your insurance needs at any time and place such as: health, family, home, or your motor vehicle. Our personal and commercial insurance products are tailored and designed to provide peace of mind to the customer.

Our mission:

To offer financial stability and a secure future.

We aim for a new and different culture in the insurance market, with a team of employees that will reflect positively on the quality of service and loyalty to the company and the SAVA Re Group.

Insurance Company “Illyria” sh.a. is known in the market of the Republic of Kosovo as the company with the highest quality service possible in the insurance industry. We offer this service through the full package of products for customers, who can choose the offer with the optimal financial level and based it on their specific requirements.

The mission, vision and values ​​of PRISIG
To be the ideal solution of providing insurance by accurately identifying the requirements and needs of customers for insurance.

PRISIG aims to provide high quality products and services with international and correct standards for the requirements of the insured, serving as a supplier of insurance products, and to serve as financial support for the injured and at the same time to be a stable and profitable company.

It is planned to increase the activity with existing products to new customers, constantly respecting them and taking care of the profitability of the work. In this regard, experts from the insurance and technical fields are engaged so that the services are at the highest level.

PRISIG possesses modern IT infrastructure, so that efficiency is at a high level.

PRISIG offers products designed specifically for the needs of customers, so that they feel that they are important and respectable.

Quality of work, fast and correct services, payment of damages and seriousness at work is the standard of work of the Company.

PRISIG is a serious efficient company with a new and clear vision that will meet the newest and highest quality standards, which will be an example for the local and regional market.

Our values ​​represent the way we meet the responsive requirements for our Insurers being:

FEATURES in the insurance industry in the country
With PROACTIVE and responsible approach to stakeholders
By making commitment to Operational Excellence led by integrity and professionalism.
INOVATIVE and creator of new products
SAFETY of a fair environment

Scardian Insurance, as our symbol shows, is a reliable, protective, caring and dedicated company to those who enable us to exist, that is, to our customers.

We offer services that are always one step ahead of the insurance industry in the market, finding new and affordable insurance solutions. We are the only ones that offer Casco insurance, regardless of the value and year of production of the car, we are the only ones that offer home insurance, regardless of the size of the house, we are the only ones that offer online sales of KASKO Insurance, Property and Health Insurance, and we are the only ones to offer you insurance within 5 minutes.

Our products provide insurance and compensation that our customers really need and this at very reasonable prices.

Our goal is to minimize the trauma and costs of our clients in the event of disasters. We try to help customers continue their daily routine as soon as possible after disasters.

SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA Kosovo was established in 2003 by marking the implementation of the strategy for internationalization of the insurance activity of SIGAL sh.a. through the purchase of an existing insurance company. SIGAL Kosova was licensed by the Central Banking Authority of Kosovo as a non-life general insurance company.

SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA Kosovo is the second largest insurance company in Kosovo and owns an average of 11.63% of the total volume of premiums.

The list of product classes offered is:
– Insurance of TPL and TPL + vehicles
– Travel health insurance
– Securing money in the safe and during transport (CIS; CIT)
– Fire insurance and additional risks
– Insurance against all construction risks (CAR)
– KASKO insurance
– Insurance against personal accidents
– Insurance against personal accidents
– Guarantee insurance
– Liability insurance – professional compensation
– Liability insurance – public
– Liability insurance – product
– Health insurance
– Cover plus
– Agricultural and livestock insurance
– Provision of goods in transport

SIGAL UNIQA Kosovo has extended its service in terms of the number of products it offers both geographically and through dozens of branches and agencies in Deçan, Dragash, Elezit, Ferizaj, Gjakova, Gjilan, Gllogoc, Istog, Kaçanik, Kamenica, Klina, Lipjan , Malisheva, Mitrovica, Obiliq, Peja, Podujevë, Prishtina, Prizren, Rahovec, Shtërpcë, Shtime, Skenderaj, Suharekë, Viti, Vushtrri, Xërxë.

We guarantee the best risk management and insurance services for customers in the region.

The widest network of independent Insurance intermediaries operating in the CEE, Central Asia and the Caucasus. We offer you a full range of Security and Risk Solutions, including PC, Employee Benefits and Reinsurance. We have specialists with extensive knowledge of certain insurance lines, as well as industry expertise in many different fields.

Our platform has comprehensive knowledge and experience with international programs and a high level of English and other language skills (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish …).

We guarantee 24/7 service and 24 hour response policy.

We offer a comprehensive counseling approach to risk insurance and management. With us you don’t have to worry about any detected risks, which can affect your business. Let us be your guide throughout this vast and diverse region.

As our network of independent insurance intermediaries extends to all five continents, we aim to provide the same exceptional level of service and assistance tailored through each member broker.

Regardless of where your business or insurance needs take you, we can offer quality management products and services that address local concerns as we look at the larger picture.

who we are
We have been a privately owned family business since the beginning. Our independence is a privilege: we are not responsible for stock analysts or stock prices, we are only committed to meeting the needs of GrECo’s target groups.

Our extensive network, the work of pioneers in the CESEE region as well as the trust placed in us, have made us the main mediators and insurance consultants in the region. A pole position for which we, a strong-rooted family business in Europe, are particularly proud.

What do we do
In our risk management and insurance solutions for industry, trade, commerce and the public sector, we pay special attention to individuality. GrECo provides optimal security for the operational and financial risks of client employees and manages these risks at all levels.

Trust and closeness characterize our relationships with customers. Accompanied by a wide range of specialties and expertise, this enables us to accurately assess risks and adaptation and select risk and insurance costs for our clients.

In addition to our core business as intermediaries and industrial insurance consultants, we are also active as reinsurance intermediaries, risk engineers and software solution developers focused on customers.

who we are
Founded by Arthur J. Gallagher in agoikago in 1927, Gallagher has grown to be one of the leading insurance brokers, risk management and human capital advisory companies in the world. With significant international achievements, our organization employs over 30,000 people and our global network offers services in more than 150 countries.

Our people partner with businesses across countries and international territories to provide important advice and professional influence. No matter what the risks and challenges of human capital our customers have, we work hard and use industry-specific expertise to find the best solution and deliver it with world-class service. We continue to build over 90 years of experience that includes the global industry. Regardless of the size of the organization we partner with and the challenges posed by the industry, we work tirelessly to provide solutions that maximize value to our customers.

Our values ​​are essential to our culture. Passionate service, strategic innovation and ethical behavior form the basis of how we do business. All with one goal: To help you face your future with confidence.

Our story
Our story began in 1927 with a desire to find a better way to do business and the courage of entrepreneurship to be different. We just didn’t want to be another insurance broker; instead we wanted to help people solve problems authentically and, above all, ethically. Our 7 consecutive recognitions as one of the most Ethical Companies of the Ethisphere Institute are proof of this. In fact, we are the only mediator who has heard this assessment.

Over the years, Gallagher has expanded our breadth of offerings with risk management, human resource benefits, and wealth counseling and management. And we just started.

Our people
We attribute our long success to our people. They are our best asset, helping our customers navigate an increasingly complex insurance market in a meaningless way. We don’t want the employee on the other side of the phone or across the table to be knowledgeable – we want them to be someone you want to talk to. We respect your time, which is why we are happy to do the right work for you, helping you provide the best insurance for your unique needs.

Today we are a global force for change, using our considerable experience, trust and knowledge to reduce risk and ensure our expertise wherever we go. We achieve this by forming lifelong partnerships with our customers, making business better for everyone. But that’s enough for us; contact to find out how we can work with you.

Alesco is a business that specializes in risk management and administration, established in 2008 by a team of experienced professionals to provide a wide range of risk management services and insurance solutions which are fundamental to protecting organizations in a ever-changing world. We work closely with signatories in London markets, at major global insurance centers and with local breeding partners in 150 countries.

We offer a single point of contact for global customers who need to enter the more complex insurance markets of Transport, Maritime Transport, Aviation, Media & Culture, Financial Services and Energy and Construction. We have highly experienced teams in a range of risk advisory solutions, such as Alternative Risk Transfer, Actuarial Support, Premium Allocation, Kidnappings, and Structured Credit.

Working closely and smoothly together, our teams offer an enviable proposal for Political Risk, Crisis Management, Cyber, Directors and Officers, Fine Arts, Species Jewelry, Medical Murder, Associations and Purchases, Professional Compensation, and Exchange, Ransom; Terrorism for customers Around the world.

From placing our agents to consultants and transferees of our risk transfer requests, all of our people enjoy strong relationships with specialized insurers and reinsurers around the world. You will benefit from their experience over the years, from the deep understanding of their field and from their personal commitment to designing a solution tailored just for you.

RVA Associates SA është një kompani zvicerane me qendër në Lugano, aktive në fushën e brokerimit të sigurimeve që nga viti 1996. Ka zyra në Lugano, Bellinzona, Mendrisio, Geneva dhe Vaduz (Lihtenshtajni) dhe është e shkruar në Regjistrin e autoriteteve të tregut financiar FINMA (nr 11294)
dhe FMA (nr. 10083).

Pika e referencës në mesin e agjentëve lokalë të sigurimeve dhe Mbështetësi i miratuar nga Lloyd’s, RVA operon pa kufij në kontekstin e sotëm global duke u ofruar klientëve forcën e partneriteteve dhe bashkëpunimeve të saj strategjike me kompani të mëdha vendase dhe të huaja të sigurimeve.

E themeluar nga figura kryesore nga industria, kompania Lugano ka arritur të zhvillojë dhe konsolidojë biznesin e saj falë profesionalizmit të saj, duke transmetuar sot vullnetin për të shkëlqyer në fushën e vet të biznesit.