About Us

Shield Brokers Sh.A. is an insurance brokerage company licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo in 2014. Behind us is a professional and certified management and staff as well as more than ten years of experience in the field of insurance, reinsurance and risk management.

Shield Brokers Sh.A. has met the highest standards of brokerage services in Kosovo, which has enabled membership in international networks (to shade and enable the click which directs the site to international partners).

Through our expertise we have managed to represent the most prestigious companies in Kosovo, and these based on our activity over 5 main pillars for all types of insurance:

  • Consulting (to shade and enable the click which directs it to the consulting page)
  • Risk analysis (to shade and enable the click which directs it to the Risk Analysis page)
  • Procurement of bids (to shade and enable the click which directs it to the bid procurement site)
  • Contract Management (to shade and enable the click which directs it to the Contract Management page)
  • Assistance in case of damage (to shade and enable the click which directs to the page of Assistance in case of damage)

An insurance broker is an insurance and risk management specialist, they act on behalf of the client (insured) by advising him in his interest.

The insurance broker will help you identify your individual or business risk, in order to design your insurance program so you will enjoy accurate and lowest cost coverage (in the Cost-Benefit report).

The insurance broker will manage your insurance contract, instructing you on all matters and facilitating the realization of your claim for damages.
The insurance broker, through expertise and experience, is well acquainted with the terms and conditions, benefits and exceptions as well as market prices, so he manages to mediate the most suitable policy for you.

The insurance broker is independent, it cooperates with all insurance companies in the market to offer you a panorama of the whole market and by developing the process of procurement of offers in a transparent manner. It is paid for by the insurance company, so you only have to pay the contracted insurance premium and no financial burden for the broker’s services.

Mission and vision

The best insurer is your insurance broker, filling the gap between the insurer and the insured by mediating favorable agreements for both parties through which the insured is covered fairly and accurately.
Therefore, we represent legal entities and individuals who want to save time and money by gaining professional support and building long-term business relationships in support of the principles of correctness, transparency and prioritization of the interest of the insured.
To be the leaders in the insurance broker market!

Developing the insurance market with special emphasis on the role of the mediator, relying on the professional training of the new generation and technological development of the industry, making this industry more attractive through creativity.
In this way, to achieve leadership in the Kosovo market and to mediate around the world by supplying international actors with quality services.
To fully follow the true principles of insurance and insurance brokers, but, above all, human principles: Sincerity, respect, transparency, trust and equality!
We believe in technological development, so we follow the steps towards an “InsureTech” system, but, even more, we believe in the incomparable human capacities for man, therefore, we will dedicate ourselves to creating new opportunities!
For a world where unpredictability will not scare us, being assured, exactly assured!

Organizational structure

Board members

Board members

Neriman Mahmuti – Chairperson

Ardian Hoxha – Member

Agon Pacolli – Member

Premton Bogaj – Member

Sylejman Ma├žastena – Member


Agon Pacolli: Chief Executive Officer, Licensed Broker
He is the Chief Executive Officer of Shield Brokers sh.a. since 2017 while he started his journey in the insurance market in Kosovo in 2014 in the insurance company “Siguria” where he has exercised the duties of: Insurance Specialist, Deputy Director of the damage department, Member of the evaluation committee of damages, Deputy Director of the insurance and sales department and finally the General Coordinator.

Also, his experience expands in the fields of transport and shipping, being the General Director of the company “Swiss Shped” and in the field of Human Resources, being the General Director of the company “Shield Recruitment & HR”.
He has previously worked in Switzerland, Mabetex Group and Kazakhstan.

Shpresa Cengu: Administrative Director, licensed broker
Part of the company Shield Brokers since 2015 where it started as an executive assistant, taking over the biggest challenges of the company from its inception, in its journey has passed to the administration department where he is now the Director of this department managing very successfully selling requests, damages and other administrative matters.
Graduated with excellent results in Bachelor in Law.

Liken Spanca: General Coordinator, Licensed Broker
He started his career in the insurance industry in the insurance company “Sigal”, then I continued in the insurance company “Illyria” and since 2016 he is part of Shield Brokers, where I start as a consultant for “junior” clients, and through the work of tirelessly rose to the position of “senior” customer advisor, where I demonstrate exceptional skills in customer service, understanding and managing contracts and damages support, which led to its rise in 2019 to the position of General Coordinator.
Insurance Bachelor.

Arton Bislimi: Advisor to Senior Clients
His career is characterized by sales and negotiation where he is also prominent, having long experience in positions in sales and marketing.
Since 2016, it is part of Shield Brokers, making an extraordinary contribution with exponential growth, which has made it possible to reach the position of “senior” customer advisor and being a reference point for large corporations.


Agon Pacolli with 100% of the shares