We are always updated with regard to changes in the insurance market. So, we never miss the financial advantages from which our customers can benefit! With us you are safe and at the same time save money!

The services offered by SHIELD BROKERS include:

Assessing Your Individual Needs and Receiving Bonds Depending on the property, vehicle or business being provided, we also make the risk assessment by preparing the inspection report, the property photo that is provided, the completion of the documentation required for the insurance.

Compare insurance coverings from different insurers to get the best conditions by recommending you impartially.

Looking for opportunities to lower general prices by combining different types of insurance or structuring the coverings in such a way that you can get the maximum deductions

Explain the premiums, terms, conditions, and anything you do not understand about your insurance.

Constant administration management, such as changes in security circumstances, conditions, expirations, damages payments, premiums, etc. …
Reviewing policies for renewal or during the insurance period, if necessary;

Ensuring that claims for compensation are treated fairly;

Being on the alert for the changes that will affect the validity of your policyholders, and recommending changes, as appropriate;
Being available to you in case of damage – on a 24/7 basis.

In summary, Shield Brokers is always committed to providing high quality personalized insurance products and services to you.