Third party liability motor insurance

Third party liability motor insurance is the insurance which through Law no. 04 / L-018 is compulsory for any owner of any vehicle within the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

This insurance covers all damages caused to third parties in road accidents, including body injuries as well as material damages.

Compulsory motor liability insurance is based on a standard tariff system that does not differ from the insurance company.

Compulsory motor liability insurance is a must to register your car and to be provided with compulsory motor liability insurance is required by the owner of the vehicle to carry out the vehicle’s technical inspection and payment of the municipal taxes.

Shield Brokers stands in your support for performing all the procedures to save you time and effort, and for this you only need an authorization from you that will enable you to provide your vehicle insurance and registration completely outsourced by you while you can continue with your daily tasks.

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