Shield Brokers Sh.A. is an insurance brokerage company licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo in 2014. Behind us lies a professional and certified management and staff, as well as more than ten years of experience in insurance, reinsurance and risk management.

What is a Brokerage Company?

A brokerage company is a legal entity licensed by the CBK and contracted by one or more insurers to conduct insurance mediation activity.

Broker or Agent?

Broker unlike the agent contracts more insurance companies by expanding the range of bids and customer choice. The broker represents the interests of the client by enabling the purchase of more efficient and cheaper insurance policies.

What Services Does the Broker Offer?

The broker instructs, advises and recommends the client regarding the purchase of insurance policies.
The broker makes risk assessment for the client and proposes the coverage that the client needs.
The broker asks on behalf of the client for the best offers in the market and presents them to the client by explaining all the terms of the insurance policy.
The broker remains at the client’s disposal for all matters relating to insurance and supports the client in all the procedures for obtaining the claim for reimbursement of the damage.

How much is the cost of the service?

The broker does not apply any financial burden for customer service. Therefore, the whole service is free!

Benefit from Broker?

Choosing a Broker to Intermediate Purchasing Insurance Policies means saving time and money while gaining professional support!

Why Shield Brokers?

Shield Brokers has proven itself as a leader in the insurance brokerage market by contracting a large number of insurance companies and representing from individual clients to the largest companies in Kosovo.

Which types of insurance mediates Shield Brokers?

Shield Brokers mediates all types of insurance offered in the Kosovo market, such as:
– Casco Insurance
– Property Insurance
– Home Insurance
– Travel Health Insurance
– Health Insurance
– Life Insurance
– Personal Accident Insurance
– Liability Insurance
– Goods in transport Insurance
– Engineering Insurance
– Bond Insurance
– Cash in Safe Insurance and Cash in Travel Insurance
– Third party liability motor insurance
– Etc …

Who are Shield Brokers partners?

Shield Brokers has so far established partnerships with 8 insurance companies:
– Eurosig Insurance Company
– Illyria Insurance Company
– Insig Insurance Company
– Prisig Insurance Company
– Scardian Insurance Company
– Insurance Company Sigal Uniqa Group Austria and Sigal LIFE.
– Sigma Insurance Company
– Security Insurance Company

Shield Brokers to prove its seriousness and professionalism, is the representative of global giants in the insurance brokerage sector of Greco JLT and Renomia Brokers in Kosovo!
In the end do not waste your time, ask for your offer of insurance in the highest comfort.